Cover your face!

I’m about to graduate soon. in 2 and a half weeks! whaaattt?? I’ll have my degree in mechanical engineering, but with the job market I’m having a really rough time trying to even get an interview, so I’ll probably just be a programmer… Me and my friends have been watching anime and playing dark souls literally every day and it’s pretty great because I really like them and I’m glad they’re my friends but we’re all usually too busy with our jobs+school to really interact so this virus has honestly been good for me mental health wise. Everyone’s lowkey stressed all the time though and I just donated face shields to a local hospital. They said they were so nice they wanted to pay me but that seemed wrong to me. Well, I hope you don’t explode and if someone reads this I really hope you’re doing okay. We all need to stick together and do our best for one another. If you’re reading this I want you to know I love you and you can feel shitty. Things are rough and it’s okay to be frustrated. I’m really proud of you for just being here in this moment.

Cover your face!



I just got a cat. It’s been three days. I know it’s an adjustment period and I need to be patient, but I can’t help but wonder if I’ve made a big mistake. I just feel like she doesn’t like me and we don’t have a great connection. Also I’m not loving her waking me up for food in the morning (seems like this will get better though). No going back since I could never give her back just because I don’t really like her. Plus, she can be very sweet, and again I just need to be patient and I’m sure we’ll bond I’m sure I’ll end up liking her. But still. I feel very anxious about it. She’s 8, which is nice because she doesn’t have as much energy as a kitten.

Keep at

While humanity itself may not be worth saving, the fact that a group of strangers with no commitment to each other or this site have managed to keep this going for so long honestly makes me feel better about humanity and gives me some semblance of hope

Keep at man(or woman)

Nintendo Switch

I somehow was able to order a Nintendo Switch Lite and Animal Crossing the other day (even tho they’ve been sold out). I am so excited and grateful!! It should be here this weekend. I am a 26 year old woman and this shouldn’t excite me as much as it is, but here I am 😂


After 4 months of break up , when quarantine started in March i have dreams about her every night. Why after so long time? Maybe because i finally have time to think and be alone.


I just cannot believe this is it. This is life. There is no magical third act where I am the star in some fantasy adventure. I won’t suddenly gain superpowers and fight cartoonish villains. This is it. This is all it will ever be. 50 more years of quiet, drab misery. Our one shot at consciousness is spent on something so unimaginably boring. My “gift” of sentience is spent wageslaving, consuming media, messing around with hobbies that will never fill the void. And that is all there is.

Carry on

You should carry on. I know there are times when you don’t see anyone or hear a voice. But this is temporary. You have a purpose, and a noble one at that. I hope you live long. But I absolutely understand (and vehemently agree) that once you are gone, you should take everyone’s memories, secrets, and words with you. Good luck!


I have a newborn that was in the hospital for the last 4 days because he somehow received a head injury that caused his brain to bleed. The only people that had him under their care are the mom and I, and the babysitter who babysits 6 kids at a time. I suspect she did it through negligence and there is no possibility of any evidence. I feel like a failure as a parent to have let that happen to my son. I can only imagine what was going through his head at that time and feel like I let him down.

I may not

I may not have someone to talk to,
I may not have money to spend.
I may not have a day without struggle,
And that may never end.

The world owes me nothing,
There’s no reason to cry.
It never asked to exist.
And neither have I.