Cover your face!

I’m about to graduate soon. in 2 and a half weeks! whaaattt?? I’ll have my degree in mechanical engineering, but with the job market I’m having a really rough time trying to even get an interview, so I’ll probably just be a programmer… Me and my friends have been watching anime and playing dark souls literally every day and it’s pretty great because I really like them and I’m glad they’re my friends but we’re all usually too busy with our jobs+school to really interact so this virus has honestly been good for me mental health wise. Everyone’s lowkey stressed all the time though and I just donated face shields to a local hospital. They said they were so nice they wanted to pay me but that seemed wrong to me. Well, I hope you don’t explode and if someone reads this I really hope you’re doing okay. We all need to stick together and do our best for one another. If you’re reading this I want you to know I love you and you can feel shitty. Things are rough and it’s okay to be frustrated. I’m really proud of you for just being here in this moment.

Cover your face!


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